St. John's Ev. Lutheran School

St. John's Lutheran School has always been an integral part of our church.  In fact, our school was established just two years after our church was founded.  To this day, our congregation is committed to maintaining a Christ-focused education for all our school children with small class sizes, full-time teachers, technological resources, and a comprehensive curriculum that provides for the spiritual, intellectual, emotional, physical, and social needs of every child, including:

  • Religion (i.e. Bible History, Catechism, Memory Work, Hymnology, Christian Topics)
  • Science (i.e. Earth Science, General Science, Life Science, Physical Science, Health)
  • Mathematics (i.e. Math, Geometry, Algebra)
  • Computers (i.e. Keyboarding, Internet Research, Google Apps for Education)
  • Language Arts (i.e. Reading/Literature, Spelling, Grammar, Creative Writing, Penmanship, Phonics)
  • Social Science (i.e. Geography, World History, U.S. History, Civics, Current Events)
  • The Arts (i.e. Music, Band, Art, Recorders, Piano, Choir)
  • Foreign Language (i.e. Spanish)
  • Physical Education

In addition to an emphasis on a comprehensive curriculum, our school offers a well-rounded program of extracurricular activities and athletics, including:

  • Volleyball (Girls & Boys)
  • Basketball (Girls & Boys)
  • Musical
  • Math Meet
  • Softball (Girls)
  • Baseball (Boys)
  • Track (Girls & Boys)
  • Forensics
  • Soccer (Co-ed)
  • Cross Country

Thanks to our dedicated team of teachers, staff, and volunteers, our students also go on field trips, take an annual trip to Washington D.C. (8th grade only), take care of their campus with an annual Arbor Day clean-up, have fun with spirit days, and do fun activities together---all with a focus on the Lord Jesus Christ, who gave His life for us. To learn more about our school, contact us for information and a tour. We'd love to show you our school building and campus. 

Please contact St. John's Ev. Lutheran School for more information.